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Album Review: Green Day


Published: Sunday, November 11, 2012

Updated: Sunday, November 11, 2012 17:11

"Uno!," Green Day’s ninth studio album and the first of a trilogy of full-length releases, sees them steering away from overly preachy politics and toward sounding like many of the terrible bands they inspired.

Aside from the passable single “Oh Love,” which at its best moments comes across as a Pogues inspired singalong, this is third-rate corporate power-pop that makes pop culture afterthoughts like Fountains of Wayne sound like The Cars. The worst crime of all is another single “Kill the DJ,” which is influenced by dance music. This isn’t “Radio Clash,” but nice try.

At one point in time, Green Day was a good pop-punk band that emerged from Lookout Records and a stacked Berkley scene in time to be one of the few passable bands to benefit from Nirvana’s success. After the turn of the century, anthems about youthful angst and lust gave way to the type of political posturing that is easier to swallow when it is not coming from rockstar millionaires. Now that they are neither punk nor political, it is hard to tell if anything separates the once mighty Green Day from copycats that have always lacked lyrical and musical merit, like Good Charlotte.

Grade: D-

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